Gospel Community Group Questions

Love is and does- 1 Cor.13:4-6

“It is easy to have love for humanity, but it is hard to have it for one’s neighbor. For the mass of humanity is not here on my doorstep, my neighbor is. Humanity never surprises you, never disappoints you, never bugs you. Humanity is as safe as a picture in a museum. It is just that: a mental picture in the museum of the mind.Jesus never once told us to love humanity. If preachers tell you that he did, they are serving up their own recipe instead of Jesus’. The only Jesus we know, the Jesus of the Gospels, told us to love as he did; that is, to touch and serve the specific individuals we meet. Jesus did not come to earth for the sake of humanity. He came for you and for me.”

Peter Kreeft

  • Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?Explain.

  • 13:4-6 Can you think of your own paraphrase of these verses. How would you define in your paraphrase patience, kindness, envy etc. Paraphrases are usually longer than the original. Can you give examples of what it looks like for you to be patient and kind?

  • Love is not resentful, or as some translations render this, love does not keep a record of wrongs. Love prohibits us from keeping a personal file of all the individuals who have done something against us. How do you know if you keep a record of wrongs?

  • Does this love that Paul describes in this passage make you think more of yourself and how you feel or does it push you to think more of others?