The Son of Man: Luke 19:1-10


Sunday’s Sermon Overview

Read Luke 19:1-10


The Four Gospels are beautiful and intentional in their approach to Jesus. Looking at the different perspectives and vistas of who Jesus we must pay attention of the totality of Jesus and his Greatness.


The Gospel of Luke portrays Jesus as the Son of Man. The Son of Man is meant to invoke two meanings. First, Jesus as a human experiencing life as a real man. Second, as a title of position as the second Adam. Jesus not only experiences life as a human, but also comes to save humanity by paying the debt of man's sin. 


Sunday's sermon focused in on a passage that shows the Son of Man's mission and his meeting of Zacheus. 


1. How has the Spirit spoken to you through this section of God’s word?


2. Do we have any questions? (or How would we summarize the message of this section or story?) Before we move on: Do we understand the passage? What is God telling us?




Meeting Jesus is Humbling


Why was Zacheus' experience of meeting Jesus humbling?


Why is meeting Jesus a humbling experience?


Meeting Jesus is Transforming


How was Zacheus transformed?


Why would meeting Jesus be a transformative experience?


MEETING Jesus is Costly


How was Zacheus meeting with Jesus costly?


What is the Son of Man's mission?


3. What are the implications for us personally? (or How does this section speak to your heart or life?) Before we move on: Have we realized the personal implications? What are we going to do about what God is telling us?


4. What are the implications for our gospel community? (or When might you talk about this passage with a Christian?) Before we move on: Do we understand the implications for us as a Gospel Community?


5. What are the implications for those we want to reach? (or When might you talk about this section with an unbeliever?) Before we move on: Do we recognize the missional implications for those we want to reach for Christ?


6. What gospel motives does this section give? (or How should this section shape our love, hope, fears, or desires?)