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The Artist Collective at Golden City Church invites all Christians who are called to make and create: including writers, dancers, musicians, poets, and visual artists working in all media. We meet the first Sunday afternoon of every month Duboce Triangle neighborhood. Our mission is to make art and be faithful with the gifts of creativity, to invite Jesus as the head of our creative processes, and to grow and mature as a community of believers and as individual lovers of God. We aim to encourage, disciple, and equip artists to see the Kingdom of Heaven in San Francisco.

Encouragement: Artists are often misunderstood and have previously been ignored or glossed over by the church. We aim to change that: encouraging artists working in all fields to stir up their creative gifts, defining our roles as members of the body of Christ. The purpose of the Artist Collective is for artists to be supported by the church while simultaneously edifying the church. We ask God to breathe a renaissance back into the arts, so that the church leads with God-sent creative invention, instead of just echoing the drives of the present culture.

Discipleship: We invite God, the Ultimate Creator, to create on our behalf, to intervene in our imaginations, our desires, and through our hands (or other instruments of making). We aim to co-create with Him to glorify the name of Jesus and advance His Kingdom here in this city. The Artist Collective is a safe place for artists to ask hard questions, as we bring the creative process under the leading of the Holy Spirit, staying grounded with sound, Biblical doctrine. Together, we keep each other accountable to purifying our eyes, minds, and hearts in the midst of dark places within our daily lives: whether at class, at work, on the stage, or anywhere else God takes us.

Equipping: We encourage artists to flex their creative muscles and try new ways of making art. For instance, our meetings will involve "story feasting", song sharing, movement practices, visual making, and discussion questions. We meet together to celebrate our different callings and activate the known (and hidden) talents God has given us, so that as artists we cultivate the Kingdom of God in San Francisco. We equip each other to create freely and completely in collaboration with the Holy Spirit. Offering and sacrifice unto God can often be a bloody mess, but we rejoice in God's faithfulness and direction in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty. The Artist Collective aims to equip artists for the mission field; through our relationships and creative processes, we spread the Gospel meta-narrative of creation, fall, and redemption